Features for Suppliers

Tired of missing out on the best leads?

CircleSource is Australia's leading services connection portal. Built to connect
you with Australia's top buyers looking for suppliers .

The only no win, no fee Australian based services sourcing tool.

No Job No Fee - We Guarantee it

No limits on how many jobs you pitch for, and no lock in contracts. Only pay a small capped fee if you win a job. The more jobs completed in CircleSource, the higher you’ll trend in searches. See the pricing page for more details

Get more leads with a great profile

With more and more businesses tuning in to CircleSource to find the experts they need, your personal and company profile is your number one marketing tool to get more leads. Make it compelling to reflect your skills and specialisations! You can specify your qualifications, licences, even include examples of recent work to increase your chances of being invited to pitch for jobs.

Grow your business

Social media and Google is full of adverts from businesses looking for leads or their next job. And they can cost a fortune. CircleSource gives you and your business visibility in a marketplace where businesses needing to find your services can connect and do business with you safely. Use your specialist CircleSource business profile as part of your business development strategy.

Work with new Companies

CircleSource connects you with businesses outside of your usual business channels and networks. While your close business networks and referrals by word of mouth will still play an important role in your new business pipeline, CircleSource may just connect you with businesses outside of your traditional networks, opening up a whole new business channel to grow your business.

Other Features

Another Marketing Channel for your business - for Free!

How much do you pay in digital marketing, advertising and business development to win new jobs? Well CircleSource is free for you to showcase and promote your expertise and pitch for as many jobs as you can. You only pay a small capped fee when you win the job.

Trend and Get Noticed

The more you’re engaged through CircleSource, the more you get noticed. Each time you complete a job in CircleSource, get recommended and endorsed, you’ll trend higher in searches for your skills, leading to more engagements and growing your personal brand and business.

Manage your business better

CircleSource was built to help you manage and track all you business engagements from start to finish. Pitch for new work and track the status of your in progress work at any time. Our reporting will help you understand where your new business opportunities are coming from, where you were successful in winning work and where you weren’t. All helping you plan and grow your business.

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