Features for Buyers

It's time you found the right experts! Stop throwing away your profits by churning
through unreliable suppliers.

CircleSource gives you access to a
robust procurement tool for you and your team.

Sign up and Start Searching

It’s free to use for buyers. You can search for and invite suppliers to pitch for as many jobs as you would like to post. Your profile is only visible to suppliers you choose to do business with. You’re in control of who gets connected to your company, so you can track who does business in CircleSource.

Find the best Suppliers you need fast

Our powerful search tools allow you to search for and find suppliers with the skills you need. You can search by skill or location, making it easy to connect with the best local suppliers. Follow suppliers of interest or save them as favourites until you’re ready to engage them. At every stage you’re in total control.


Get your project started

Found the experts you would like to engage? More than one? Or someone you would like to invite not yet in CircleSource? It’s easy with CircleSource’s simple sourcing solution. Create your job, specify your needs and budgets, attach any documents, select your suppliers and CircleSource does the rest. You’ll be notified as offers are made and kept informed of the progress and status of your job. Accept the offer you like and CircleSource will take care of the rest.

Grow Connections &
Local Community Networks

Each time you do business with a CircleSource supplier your contributing to growing Australia’s small business community. It’s the best recognition and marketing businesses can get. Best of all, you become part of each others Inner Circle so you can easily connect and do business with them again soon.

No Fees

It’s 100% free for buyers to sign up and take advantage of all of CircleSource’s features. Suppliers can bid for as many jobs as they like and will only pay a fee of 7.5% of the agreed value of the job (capped at a maximum of $1250), if their proposal is accepted.

Other Features

Chat live with Invited Suppliers

Clarify briefs and supplier queries, exchange documents and photo’s before any commitments.

Recommendations and Endorsements

There’s no star system in CircleSource. Once you complete a job with a supplier, you can choose to recommend them and leave a written endorsement. It’s up to you. It’s how suppliers trend in CircleSource and appear higher in searches. Oh, and they can do the same to you.

Notifications and Workflow

You’ll receive notifications by email or within app each time there is an action on one of your jobs. Just so we keep you up to date with your jobs.

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