Will the emerging gig economy create new social divides?

Will the emerging gig economy create new social divides?

On July 3, the ABC published an article looking at the working conditions of gig economy workers compared with traditional employment arrangements.

Companies like Deliveroo, Freelancer and Uber may face increasing challenges on the employment relations and taxation fronts, where workers are missing out on entitlements and where earnings don’t fit within traditional frameworks.

Interesting article that talks about the potential social divide between GIG workers and traditional employees; There are many arguing that the Ubers and Airtaskers of today should treat all of their GIG ‘workers’ as employees. One could argue that these organisations are simply brokers…but then who controls how much is charged? Uber does, and the ‘worker’ goes along because for them, they have choice in when and how much they work. On one hand a benefit to both parties, on the other an increasing industrial relations minefield.

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