Why use Hashtags? I don’t get it…

Why use Hashtags? I don’t get it…

CircleSource member Michelle Le Cornu from Brainbox Marketing shares her thoughts on the use of Hashtags. A topic which certainly peaked our interest as it’s an area that is often overused or underused. This can be dependent on which generational group you fall into (#saynotogeneralistlabels) according to some.

As members of a somewhat older vintage, the founders of CircleSource found this a particularly interesting article on a topic that until recently was just something you heard other people talking about. Who knew there would/could be real business benefits in the correct use of #hashtags!

Check out the full article here and let us know what you think.

Michelle Le Cornu is the founder and director of Brainbox Marketing. Her goal is to make life easier for busy marketing managers and business owners by providing smart and reliable marketing services.

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