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The Opportunity

A leading industry association is seeking to establish a panel of independent WHS consultants to partner with them to deliver consulting services to their members around Australia.  While expertise required will cover the full spectrum of Workplace Health and Safety and Workers Compensation, this initial engagement through CircleSource will focus on experts who can conduct 

Workplace Inspections & Gap Analysis/Audits as required, to member organisations across a range of industries.


To be considered, here's what you need to do:

  • Sign in to CircleSource and create your individual and company profiles.  Make sure you include the following;

    • Profile Summary, detailing experience and capability

    • Tick the "Are you a Supplier?" box and add 5-8 relevant areas of expertise, Industry experience, qualifications & memberships

    • Details of at least 5 Recent Supply Engagements

    • Create and link to your company profile (for sole traders, company can be just your name and ABN)

    • To make an offer you'll also need to complete the billing information section (don't worry, we won't charge you anything without letting you know beforehand)

How to apply (make an offer)

The industry association has posted a Job in the “Open Market Opportunities” section of the CircleSource Marketplace.

  1. Suppliers who have completed their profile can click on the Job in “Open Market Opportunities”, review the brief and attached requirements documentation

  2. Interested Suppliers are encouraged to "Make an Offer", responding to the requirements set out

  3. Alternatively, you can attach your offer in document form

  4. Contact details for the buyer will be included should you need to clarify any of the requirements

  5. Make sure you enter zero (0) in the "Cost" field of the offer

  6. When you're ready click "MAKE OFFER"

Fees & Charges

While the system will advise a transaction fee of $75, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANY FEES FOR MAKING AN OFFER

Future opportunities will be created in CircleSource and Suppliers on the panel will be directly invited to respond.  For these engagements, the usual fees & charges will apply.

What is CircleSource

CircleSource is an Australian based start-up emerging in the market committed to the success of Australian businesses where buyers and suppliers of specialist business services can easily find and connect with each other and do business together.  Where independent specialists can showcase and promote their expertise in a fully open and transparent marketplace at no cost.

Check out our FAQ's here.