What will job disintegration mean for HR?

What will job disintegration mean for HR?

We came across this article published recently by Inside HR. In the article, Rob Scott explores the impact and implications of a changing workforce mix – in particular the employee/employer relationship – and how this will re-shape how HR engages and manages what will likely become a more demanding type of contingent worker.

We again see the mention of technology as an enabler particularly when it comes to finding, engaging and managing a contingent workforce. The costs of continuing traditional recruitment methods in this changing workforce landscape may prove a major differential for businesses in not only managing recruitment/on-boarding spend, but time to market for new hires/engagements.

At CircleSource, we found the comments around a potential move from traditional ‘performance management’ principles and processes to a star rating system or the like very relevant. This is something we felt strongly about and implemented from the get go in our sourcing and engagement platform.

Check out the full article here and let us know what you think.