What We’re Building at CircleSource

What We’re Building at CircleSource

While the CircleSource platform may be new (having relaunched in 2020), CircleSource itself was first launched in 2017, and our core mission has always remained the same:  

To strengthen local communities by connecting Australian business owners with great service providers, with a focus on trust, transparency, and facilitating genuine business relationships. 

Why is this mission so important to us? In the words of our co-founder Andrew Jarvis:  

“Across Australia, there’s a growing number of exceptional, highly talented experts and specialist service providers with their own businesses. Mainly SMEs and sole traders, many based within our local and regional communities. They punch well above their weight, providing expertise and specialist services into larger corporates and playing a key role in driving our economy. I thought more could be being done to help better connect these relationships and help them succeed and grow.” 

Embracing the future of work while building a network on your doorstep 

Embracing new technologies to create better ways for businesses to connect is a big part of what we’re about here at CircleSource. But in a time when physical location matters less and less for work, some organisations are starting to look further afield, and even abroad when engaging external experts. That means that a local supplier, and the Australian economy misses out.  

That’s why we’re putting the focus back on local, by spotlighting local suppliers and allowing them to directly connect with larger organisations, whose procurement processes may have previously made it difficult for smaller suppliers to get a foot in the door. We’re confident that the local talent is there, and we’re building a platform to not only showcase and promote these great businesses, but make these connections easier to access than ever. But we need your help. 

What does it mean for you to join CircleSource now? 

At the moment, we’re actively growing so that we can one day reach our goal of being the most trusted and transparent business service sourcing network in Australia. But to do that, we need Aussies in business to join our community. Being an early-adopter of CircleSource means you can: 

  • Help shape the platform that could one day be your best business resource. We’re soliciting feedback from our members and constantly making improvements to make CircleSource a more valuable resource for our community.  
  • You’ll help our community grow from the ground up. Every new CircleSource member helps build the network, by posting or pitching for jobs and creating connections that strengthen the Australian business community.  
  • You’ll find out what a trusted network can do for your business. Trust and transparency underlie everything we do at CircleSource. By using CircleSource as a business tool, you’ll help reinforce these values in the business community.  

Try CircleSource today. Your support means the world to us, and you could be moments away from making your next great business connection. With our no job/no fee policy, it’s free to sign-up and post and pitch for jobs.  

Join CircleSource today.