We’re not like other online platforms – CircleSource is real.

It’s quite amazing really. While most feedback about CircleSource is really positive, we get our fair share of comments from people who have had a really bad experience with other online platforms, be they marketplaces or lead generation platforms.

So, what have people said about us? Here’s a few themes.

  • CircleSource is a scam – Wow. All we can say is we are not. More so we empathise with people who have sunk money into other platforms for no return. That’s why we don’t charge any signup or subscription fees.
  • Fake Jobs – wrong again sorry. We don’t engage in creating “ghost leads” or” fake jobs”. Jobs in CircleSource are created by Buyers and every interaction you have in the platform with a buyer, is directly with them.
  • There must be other Fees – your fee structure is too low. There are NO hidden fees, our fee structure is simple and there for all to see, including a calculator to work it out. Buyers and Suppliers get full access to the platform at NO COST. Suppliers pitch for as many jobs as they like – for free. No Job No Fee.  Win a Job and it’s only 7.5% of the Job value, capped at $1250 – end of story.
  • No Jobs on CircleSource – Well there’s one way to fix that – put one up and try it out! Here’s the thing. CircleSource is new – we really only launched in Nov 2020. People have had bad experiences on other business service platforms and marketplaces and are rightly cautious. We’re growing and more and more jobs are coming through, we are happy to build Trust with you. Don’t wait until you win a job! Next time your business needs to engage an expert, find them on CircleSource – help build our growing business community.

Bottom line? CircleSource is Real. Every job posted by a supplier is real. When you pitch for a Job, you’re dealing directly with the actual Buyer.  You may not win the job or the job may be withdrawn by the Buyer. But every interaction you have is real, its with the buyer and there is no one in the middle messing with who gets the job and who doesn’t.

And we back that up because no one pays anything in CircleSource unless they win the job.

Why not post your first job on CircleSource today!