Transparency, Trust & CircleSource

Transparency, Trust & CircleSource

In a recent article from Deloitte (December 2018), Professor Amy Wrzesniewski from Yale School of Management shared her perspectives on the passion and purpose of independent workers and the opportunity for online platforms that support them to differentiate themselves.

This perspective obviously captured my attention because it reflected the core principles my Co Founders and I had taken into consideration when we built Asked what she believes online platforms can do to capture the loyalty of independent workers, Professor Wrzesniewski said;

“I also think there could be platforms that differentiate themselves by creating real transparency with people, an openness and honesty about how the platform works, and being clear about what they’re doing on the business side—where the money goes, how jobs get assigned. It matters a lot that people feel they understand how it all works and that they feel fairly treated. At least right now, on a lot of these platforms, there is a sense of a lack of transparency or, at worst, a sense of potentially being manipulated by the platform, where gig workers feel the design is pushing them, but it’s for the benefit of the organization, not the individual.”

Transparency and openness is NOT a key priority for many online marketplaces. In fact:

  • Most are more concerned with leakage, that means preventing people accessing information and doing business outside of the platform;

  • Most have “Lock in terms” to make sure the parties can only do further business through the platform for a set period;

  • The only way you can access some of these marketplace service platforms is to put forward you project or job requirement and agree to the lock in terms before you can go further;

  • And even then, most don’t allow self-service or open access to information in the platform. That’s right; most only provide limited access to information based on hidden arrangements to benefit certain suppliers over others.

So, is it any wonder many are wary of online marketplace platforms and don’t trust their integrity?


The CircleSource Difference – What sets us apart from the rest?

Unlike any other online business services platform, CircleSource was borne out of the values, principles and experience of its Founders from many years of direct corporate buying experience, particularly the sourcing and engagement of independent experts and specialist service providers.

When we created CircleSource, we simply wanted to make the experience of finding great independent experts and specialist service providers BETTER.

  • NOT just for buyers, but also for SPECIALIST SERVICE PROVIDERS and INDEPENDENT EXPERTS! We wanted them to be able to showcase and promote their capabilities, experience and services and compete in an OPEN market, with the potential to create new business channels and networks.

  • IMPORTANTLY, we wanted an experience that translated to better outcomes for ALL PARTIES in terms of quality, time and cost.

  • AND It had to be TRANSPARENT and easy to access, something that all parties TRUSTED because TRUST is at the core of any engagement.

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We know our commitment to TRANSPARENCY, OPENNESS and VALUE CREATION for ALL Parties sets CircleSource apart from other online business marketplaces. We’d welcome you to visit our website, see how we deliver on these commitments and learn more about how CircleSource can help your business.