The Gig Economy beyond 2017: More industries will be impacted AND benefit

The Gig Economy beyond 2017: More industries will be impacted AND benefit

In 2017, FASTCOMPANY published an article about the future of the Gig Economy. At the heart will be the proliferation of Gig Economy workers across many more industries and how companies will need to adapt to gain the real benefits presented. Particularly in how technologies are used to manage this growing workforce sector.

Discussion about the growth of the Gig Economy continues. In Australia, we’re seeing more and more evidence of this global trend, in particular the potential impact to Workers traditional rights. While these concerns are well founded, we must remember the definition of a Gig Economy Worker extends well beyond those working for Uber, Deliveroo, AirTasker or AirBnB! It includes independent professional consultants and business services providers who have made their expertise available on a fee for service basis to Australian businesses for many years.

FASTCOMPANY’S article gives some insights and expert views on the continuing trend of the Gig Economy in the US…which we in Australia are known for following. It talks about workers continuing to shift from traditional career paths to shorter term skill based engagements; the significant challenge for HR to develop agility in systems and processes to support businesses quickly access and engage the capabilities they need in the future; along with the need for organisations to expand their professional service networks to source the talent required.

There appears to be significant upside for organisations who dare to open up to at least considering the possibility of working differently in the future.

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