The CircleSource Difference

The CircleSource Difference

People often ask us; “what sets us apart from other business services marketplaces?”

At CircleSource it’s simple, we’re much more than a Marketplace! We’re about helping businesses find and connect with Independent experts and Specialist business service providers and do business together. All in one simple smart business solution enabling you to better manage and govern these important engagements from start to finish.

Unlike others in the market, all consultants and providers in CircleSource are independent and run their own businesses…CircleSource does not contract them or have any interest in them, nor do we get in the middle of transactions. It’s why we’re different! We simply provide the platform where you can find the people you’re looking for, follow them, create your own briefs when ready, review matched suppliers and invite the ones you choose to pitch for the job. We don’t match them for you or influence who you connect with. CircleSource users are in full control every step of the way.

Best of all, CircleSource is fully transparent, with no cost to set up a profile and start browsing the supplier marketplace.

For suppliers, CircleSource is just like a free marketing channel where you can create a profile for you and your business to promote and showcase your skills and recent work to the market of prospective buyers, again, all at no cost. Anyone in your business delivering services can set up their profile and attach to your company, providing governance and oversight of the services your business is doing. AND, we don’t charge ongoing commissions like 15% to the buyer or slug both sides of the transaction 10% like others do. Our model at CircleSource is simple, a supplier only pays a small flat percentage fee if they win the job, capped at a maximum of $950. And it’s the lowest fee out there at an average of 6.3%. No sign up fees, no subscription fees, no tricks!

So if you think CircleSource is “just another marketplace”, think again. We developed the platform to be self-fulfilling, built by the market, for the market, with recommendations and endorsements based on real user feedback from actual work completed through the platform.

And that can be anything from Business Coaching or Blog Writing through to Transformation and Strategy Consulting, IT or even Facilities Management services. So if your business needs to engage independent business service providers, check out CircleSource. Better still, tell your recommended suppliers about CircleSource and get them to join, they just might open up new business opportunities and networks they’d never thought about.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be publishing a series of blogs that feature suppliers across a broad range of expertise so stay tuned. Follow us on LinkedIn or just sign in to CircleSource and keep an eye on this emerging business services platform that’s been built to help your business succeed!

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