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Fees and Charges

For Buyers

CircleSource is free to sign up, create your personal and company profiles, create and post activity tasks, search for and request offers from suppliers within the CircleSource network.

For Suppliers

CircleSource is free to sign up, create your personal and company profiles, select your areas of expertise (for task supply matching), receive task supply invitations and make offers to Buyers.

Any User that wishes to offer their services as a Supplier is required to provide valid and up to date credit card or bank account details in order to complete their profile and receive task supply invitations from Buyers.  Any commission fee will be charged to the account provided by the supplier at the time a task supply offer is accepted by the Buyer.

When your task supply offer is accepted, a small commission relative to the value of the task supply offer is charged to the Supplier as set out in the table below.

All transactions will be FREE of any charges until further notice.

Task supply value Commission
Up to AUD$2,000 7.5%
Up to AUD$7,500 6.5%
Above AUD$7,500 5.5% *

* Total commission for tasks valued above AUD$7,500 is capped at AUD$950.  This is the most a supplier will ever pay as a commission to CircleSource, irrespective of total task supply value.

The minimum fee for any transaction is AUD$75.

Transaction fees  
Credit Card 1.0%
Local bank deposit FREE

Maintenance Fee

User Accounts that have not been logged in to for at least six months may be deemed inactive and may incur a maintenance fee of up to $11.00 AUD per month until either the account is terminated or reactivated.  The charge of this fee will be at CircleSource discretion and would be intended to cover storage, bandwidth, and support and management costs of providing hosting of the User’s profile, activity storage, file storage and message storage.  Users will be advised prior to the charge of any maintenance fee.  Any maintenance fee charged will be refunded upon request by users on subsequent account reactivation.


Australian residents are subject to GST of 10%. Other government taxes may apply, depending on your region. All prices on this page include GST.

User Agreement

The fees and charges summarised on this page are governed by the terms of the CircleSource User Agreement, related site policies and Terms. The User Agreement includes other important terms and should be read in full.

This Policy was last updated on 28 February 2017.

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