CircleSource Product Enhancement- SMS Alerts

CircleSource Product Enhancement- SMS Alerts

Introducing SMS Alerts

Over the coming weeks we’ll be finalising the testing and implementation of system-generated SMS alerts.  These alerts will make it even easier for our members to stay up to date with the progress of any Jobs they’ve posted or any offers made.

As a starting point, SMS alerts will be rolled out as an addition to on-screen and email alerts for common events including:

  • Job match
  • Invite to Job
  • Chat started
  • Chat replies
  • Offer received
  • Offer accepted
  • Offer declined
  • Feedback received

We’ll be adding more alerts as we continue to build out enhancements and add functionality to the CircleSource platform.  Got any bright ideas?  Drop us a line at

Want to stay up to date with SMS alerts?  Make sure your mobile number is up to date and included in your profile (no spam we promise ).

Click HERE to update your profile to include your mobile number if you haven’t already.