It's simple. No job, no fee.
Suppliers can pitch for as many jobs as they like.
Buyers use the system for free. Suppliers pay a small capped fee.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Our aim at CircleSource is to strengthen local communities through great business relationships. That’s why it is 100% free for both buyers and suppliers to join, create and view profiles and list and pitch for jobs. You never have to pay to access CircleSources premium features. Essentially, our pricing philosophy is: no job, no fee.

Fee Structure

When a supplier wins a job, CircleSource will charge a capped commission fee of 7.5% of the agreed value of the job, when the buyer accepts the proposal. The payment is processed through our secure platform. Where the engagement commission is over $500, the supplier has the option to split the charge, 50% on acceptance and 50% in 30 days. Suppliers then invoice the buyer directly for the value of the job in accordance with agreed payment terms.

Minimum fee is $7.50 and there are no fees for buyers using CircleSource. 

Fee Capping

Fees are capped at a maximum of $1,250. This means that for any job over $16,667, you will never pay more than $1,250. Check out our Fee Calculator.

Refer to our Fees & Charges Policy for more information.

Use the calculator below to estimate your project value and fee. The benchmark cost of a lead on google for service industry is $100. With CircleSource you ONLY pay on closed leads. It just makes sense.

How pricing works

Post a Job. No fee

Buyers post a job and invite suppliers to pitch or post the job in the open marketplace. To pitch for a job, Suppliers must have their Billing Information completed in CircleSource. 

Suppliers Pitch

Suppliers complete an offer and pitch for the job via CircleSource. The Supplier will be notified prior to pitching of the fee calculation and agree to it prior to pitching.

Review & Accept

Buyers review proposals from multiple suppliers and accept a successful bid.

Secure. Easy Payment.

The Successful Supplier who wins the job is charged a commission on acceptance of the proposal (via secure stripe portal).

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