Why I love this platform | Here’s a great user story

Why I love this platform | Here’s a great user story

As CircleSource continues to grow, I’m reminded, daily why I love this platform and why we as Founders have been determined to bring it to small businesses in Australia. 

Late one Friday afternoon, around 3 pm a business signed up to CircleSource, created a buyer profile to 100% and posted a job seeking a Graphic Designer for a small $100 job.

The close date for the job was only 3 days away.  I thought it wasn’t a big enough job and there wasn’t enough time for suppliers to pitch on the Job. 

I was wrong… offers were made, and the job was awarded early the next morning before 9 am.

The very idea that a business owner was one minute scratching their head about how or where they might find someone to help them. 24 hours later, they had someone who could start their design piece immediately.  That’s exactly why we built CircleSource!  

CircleSource is making a difference.

Stories like this make me smile.