Message from the Founders  – It’s been an amazing 12 months

Message from the Founders – It’s been an amazing 12 months

Dear Members,

It’s been an amazing 12 months for CircleSource. As we approach the festive season, we wanted to share with you some of our achievements over the last 12 months, what lies ahead and how you can help the Australian small business community.

Like many of you, this time last year in 2020, we were expecting to bounce back from the once in a lifetime restrictions and various state based lockdowns we’d all been under. It’s hard to believe that yet again, at the end of 2021, we’re only now beginning to emerge from yet another year of disruption for the Australian business community. Hopefully this time, we can put that behind us and look to the future.

Since launching CircleSource in November 2020, we’ve been amazed at the support from the Australian business community we’ve received. Despite the difficult headwinds faced by all businesses across Australia, we’ve achieved some amazing results.

  • By calendar year end  2021, we will have more than 5000 members in CircleSource – all Australian businesses and business owners!
  • We expect our membership by June 2022 to be approaching 10000 Australian business members…what a result that would be!
  • The Average value of jobs awarded to skilled Australian experts through CircleSource over the last 12 months was $4475.
  • We now boast a Library of over 800 skills with around 16000 matches across our Australian Supplier base.
  • 88% of jobs awarded through CircleSource in 2021 were from key skill categories including Digital and Technology (39%), Marketing PR and Media (29%) and Professional Business Services (20%) including, accounting services, HR Services, Legal and Selling and Sales services.
  • We’re so proud of the quality of Aussie experts we showcase and promote on the Australian Map. And we’re so proud to be living up to our promise of the being the most trusted and transparent business services platform in Australia.

These results are fantastic and reflect that Australian businesses are embracing our vision here at CircleSource to provide a place where Australian businesses can connect and do business together. Here’s some feedback from one of our members about what they believe CircleSource offers local Australian businesses.

“… The future is all about matching skills with businesses who need them so as the landscape changes from full-time focused-employment to more project-based, it’s vital to have platforms like this available that can match providers with buyers. I also love the ease of use and the relationship building component of this platform. And the trust it provides knowing you are working with Australian-based businesses. It’s important that we all support each other as there are plenty of other global freelance platforms, but the fact that this is just for Australian businesses is the biggest benefitIt’s built by an Australian business for Australian businesses so let’s all get behind it.” Christina Cannes, Big Beautiful Sky Media, Noosa Heads, Queensland.

Your support is vital to the future of this CircleSource platform and helping Australian businesses connect and do business together.

You’ve done the hard yards just by showing interest and signing up. Now we need you to kick start it and we need to kick start it now. So each time you need to engage an expert for a project or specialist piece of work, Post your Job on CircleSource and give a great Australian expert the chance to pitch and compete for it!!!

It’s simple, Don’t just outsource, CircleSource it. Why, because every time you post and award a job in CircleSource,  you’ll be helping  and supporting another great Australian businesses.

And to help you, help another Aussie Business, for the month of December, we’re awarding a $100 Cash card to every member who posts and awards a job in CircleSource. Click Here

Have a great Festive season. Thanks in advance for making CircleSource the platform Australian businesses use to source Aussie expert service providers.