Looking for independent experts? Let CircleSource save you time and cost

Looking for independent experts? Let CircleSource save you time and cost

If you’re like most of the 2 million business in Australia, at some stage you’ll be engaging an external specialist service provider or an independent expert consultant to help in your business.

For many years now, organisations both large and small have needed to access independent expert consultants or specialist service providers to augment their teams, or assist with short term assignments or projects, or just deliver specialist services or technical pieces of work the business does not carry in its workforce.

Whether you’re a micro business of 1 to 4 people, or a large ASX listed business, you just can’t, nor should you, carry all the expertise you need in your business…just in case you may need it.

In the current environment, and looking to the future, the need to access skilled independent experts continues to grow as businesses, large and small, grapple with what the discussion around the Future of Work trends bring.

For example, we’re told:

  • Business are looking at “Alternative Workforce Models” which may result in a shift in traditional workforce structures and a greater use of independent specialist workers.

  • More and more workers are seeking greater control of when and who they work for, using their expertise to work across multiple projects in their own businesses.

Whether or not these trends indicate there will be an increased demand to access talented and skilled independent experts and service providers remains to be seen. After all, business have been consuming services and skills provided by independent experts and specialist services for many years, and most likely, will be for many years to come!

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the most common types of experts and specialist services businesses, of varying sizes (defined by the ABS), are telling us they are needing to engage now.

Does this reflect the experience in your current business? Check them off, I’m sure you’d be surprised just how many you might use in a year.

Well here’s the “so what”. The reality is, when you’re looking for these experts it can take days, sometimes weeks, to just find the right person to help your business out.

That’s why we created CircleSource, to help ALL businesses find, engage and manage independent experts, consultants and contractors. If you’re having trouble finding the capabilities you need, why not sign up and check out our fully transparent marketplace?

“……. when I first joined CircleSource, there was the usual scepticism but I then realised I was in control the whole time AND it cost nothing….”

If you’re an expert consultant, contractor or specialist business owner, create a profile for your business in www.CircleSource.com.au No charge, no subscriptions, CircleSource is essentially a free marketing channel for your business to be easily found and engaged by organisations needing them.

“With CircleSource, we know that if we are invited to pitch for work, we are dealing directly with the business who is buying the services. CircleSource does not get between us and the client like some other platforms….”

Andrew Jarvis

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of www.CircleSource.com.au