Interview: Christina Cannes | Founder of Big Beautiful Sky Media

Interview: Christina Cannes | Founder of Big Beautiful Sky Media

Meet our supplier in focus for the month of November, Christina Cannes, founder of Big Beautiful Sky Media. 

Christina is a Digital Analyst and Customer Experience Specialist based in Noosa Heads, Queensland. Big Beautiful Sky Media helps businesses retain and grow their customer base through data analytics, refining customer experience, strategic marketing, and optimising products and services. 

Past projects range from a suite of online products and campaigns for one of Australia’s largest and longest-running music festivals to immersive events for entrepreneurs, as well as, public relations for local and national brands. With all of their projects, the customer is front and centre.

During COVID-19, Christina took some much needed time out to upskill and study areas of interest, including nutrition and data analytics. Midway through 2021, she just happened to notice a CircleSource Facebook advert promoting a data analytics gig with a Melbourne-based recruitment agency which caught her attention.

Christina decided to check out CircleSource, was impressed with what she saw and signed up. She read the brief for the data analytics gig she was attracted to, pitched for it, and WON.

Since winning her first job on the CircleSource platform, Christina has been active on the platform with her most recent gig being a website re-build for Dogs and Doos, a pet leisure business owned by Samia Elhage.


We wanted to hear what Christina thought about joining the CircleSource platform, and her experience to date.

What is one of the main benefits of using the CircleSource platform?

“One of the main things I really love about CircleSource is that it is focused on Australian businesses. The leads are all quality Australian business owners and the platform actually enables you to build real and ongoing relationships with them. They become your clients. Other global and local platforms I’ve used limit your contact from your clients and therefore, prevents you from having any outside relationship with them.”

 What’s been your experience of using other platforms that are similar to CircleSource?

“I’ve used other platforms like FIVERR and Upwork and the experience is totally different. With CircleSource, you don’t need to search for Australian businesses as that is who is looking for consultants. The transparency of the platform allows you to know who has posted the job and provides a thorough description and profile about the lead. And then, if you wish to proceed, CircleSource enables you to engage directly with the buyer to clarify what they are looking for before you pitch for the gig.”

What do you think sets the CircleSource platform apart from other global platforms?

“There’s a few things. First and foremost, CircleSource really just charges what I call a small finders fee but only if you successfully pitch for and win the job. Once you’ve won the initial gig, you can continue to do ongoing work or be re-engaged directly by the clients for future work. It really is a point of difference in the market for CircleSource which I think is great. There are no lock in contracts forcing you to only work with clients you meet through the CircleSource platform.  So with the jobs I’ve won through CircleSource, after the initial engagement, I’ve been able to continue to work with the clients directly and build an ongoing relationship with them.

How do you find gigs on the CircleSource platform?

“I keep an eye on the Browse for Jobs marketplace on the platform to see if there are any jobs that I’m interested in. But I do get notifications from CircleSource when new gigs or opportunities that match my skills and expertise are posted on the platform which is great. That way, I don’t have to keep checking for opportunities. CircleSource checks for me and lets me know. Sometimes I also get advice about jobs people think I might be interested in or may have the skills for. CircleSource allows users to share jobs with experts they know who they think may be interested. Once I complete a gig, I get the opportunity to be recommended and endorse by the client I worked for (and I get to rate what it was like working for the client too), which appears in my profile and is another way people can find me, check out my expertise, skills, the clients I have worked with and invite me to pitch for work!”  

Would you recommend CircleSource to other specialist service providers?

“Yes, absolutely. The future is all about matching skills with businesses who need them so as the landscape changes from full-time focused-employment to more project-based, it’s vital to have platforms like this available that can match providers with buyers. I also love the ease of use and the relationship building component of this platform. And the trust it provides knowing you are working with Australian-based businesses. It’s important that we all support each other as there are plenty of other global freelance platforms, but the fact that this is just for Australian businesses is the biggest benefit. It’s built by an Australian business for Australian businesses so let’s all get behind it.” 

It was great to talk to Christina and hear about her experience in using CircleSource. Here are some of her key takeaways and impressions about the CircleSource platform.

  1. Christina said knowing that you are dealing with quality Australian businesses within an Australian market reduced her concerns and risks (including scams) she has experienced while working in a global marketplace.
  2. One other key feature Christina pointed out that was different to other global platforms she’s used was that CircleSource actually allows the supplier to do ongoing work with clients you meet, without being locked in to only working with them through CircleSource and paying ongoing fees.
  3. CircleSource is fully transparent about their fee structure. There are no hidden costs. It’s completely free to use and you only pay a small fee (similar to a ‘finders’ fee’) based on the value of your offer if you WIN the GIG.
  4. Overall, Christina said that while most of her work continues to come from her close network and referrals. CircleSource is a great option that keeps her aware of new opportunities that she would otherwise not know about.
  5. Finally, what Christina likes most about CircleSource is that she knows the jobs in CircleSource are real, that you can research and connect directly with the buyers who post the jobs to clarify their requirements and that, in her experience, you know the buyers are quality Australian businesses.

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