How do you justify CircleSource’s fee?

How do you justify CircleSource’s fee?

Let’s break down our fee structure

The CircleSource pricing structure is simple. No Job No Fee

Buyers use the platform for free. Suppliers only pay 7.5% on the value of the job, if they win the job, capped at a maximum fee of $1,250. 

So that means for a small graphic design job recently awarded through CircleSource at $100, the supplier paid only $7.50. We should point out that, on other platforms, they would pay $20 or more.  Doesn’t leave them with much, does it?

Let’s compare that to a $25K job that was awarded recently through CircleSource. The supplier who won the job paid a fee to CircleSource of only $1,250 (5%). Compare that to another platform, where the supplier would have paid $2,500-$5,000 and the organisation who bought the service may have also been charged a fee!

CircleSource is providing an enterprise-level platform, to assist businesses scale and help them manage the way they find and source services their business needs. It’s easy for us to justify our fees considering what you get:

  • Buyers use the platform for free. They can post as many jobs as they like, search for and connect with suppliers across Australia.
  • There’s no licence fee, no subscription fees, NO lock-in contracts binding the business to use the platform for any future engagements with suppliers they sourced through the platform.
  • Suppliers can pitch for as many jobs as they like, for free. They can source services for their own business needs, for free. They can showcase and promote their expertise for free.

And they’re just the tangible benefits of our pricing structure.

  • What’s the intangible business development cost saved by a Supplier for each job won through CircleSource?
  • How much time and cost are businesses able to save by using CircleSource to access the specialist services they need?

Based on an independent Lean Process expert, this is as much as 80%!

Value for money, CircleSource is the most cost-effective business services sourcing platform in the Country.