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Once your profile is complete, you appear in our fully transparent and searchable marketplace.  Organisations seeking expertise like yours can view your individual and company profile, follow you and do some due diligence.

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Organisations can directly invite you to pitch for work or post to the open market. You’ll receive notifications to pitch for work relevant to your expertise.

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All invitations to pitch for work and any associated documentation appear in your personal dashboard.  Receive instant on-screen and email notifications at every stage of an engagement. You can even hold discussions and exchange documents all in  the one simple solution.

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Respond directly to the specified buyer deliverables and requirements or attach your written proposal by the due date. If your offer is accepted, work Directly with the buyer to complete the engagement.

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On completion, the buyer can recommend and provide an endorsement for the work
completed. Recent work including  endorsements and comments appear in your profile and are available for others to view.

Trend in the marketplace

More work completed through CircleSource (with recommendations and endorsements) means higher trending in the marketplace and searches for your expertise.

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Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.