Technology and the future of work

Technology and the future of work

Deloitte have produced an interesting article examining the purpose and passion behind the drive of independent workers and the important implications for organisations engaging them.

From their research, Independent Workers are incredibly driven by the purpose, passion and reward for what they do rather than the pay and stability traditional forms of work provide. Importantly the article examines technology platforms that provide connectivity between these independent workers and organisations seeking their skill.

Researchers suggest many ‘platform’ businesses simply set up and focus on driving financial transactions to pay for the platform and workers. They suggest platform owners who:

  • focus more on fostering connectivity, transparency and honesty about how they work and jobs are allocated; and

  • are clear on what they do for businesses and the value they create for all parties

have an opportunity to really differentiate themselves in the market.

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Check out the full article here and let us know what you think.