Happy Anniversary – See what we’ve achieved over the last 12 months

Happy Anniversary – See what we’ve achieved over the last 12 months

The impact of COVID-19 on SME’s over the last 18 months has been immeasurable, well documented and is not lost on us here at CircleSource. Particularly as we were lucky enough to secure significant capital support, enabling a substantial upgrade to our minimal viable product platform and a re-launch of the business in November 2020.  It’s something we were delighted to achieve, being counter to the experience most businesses were having. Perhaps that has something to do with the reason CircleSource was created.

You see, we never set out to “sell” a product or service to SME’s. After all, we’re not recruiters, we’re not selling a SaaS product to small businesses…and we’re definitely not selling advertising or dreams of sure-fire business leads to SME’s as a way of guaranteeing their business pipeline. We simply set out to address an identified and common gap in the market.  Which was to make it easier for businesses needing external services, to find them, engage them and do business together.  And for those specialist service providers and independent experts, create an ecosystem that makes it easier for them to be found, and to compete for work without paying expensive advertising costs or spending large sums of money on digital marketing services.

After all, every SME business, including sole traders, outsource some of the specialist services and expertise they need to run their business.  Small business owners need help with the basics. Most need accounting and bookkeeping services to some degree, or need help to create, maintain and upgrade their website. We all generally need some digital marketing advice and guidance or the expertise of graphic design experts. Then there’s the complex legal advice for our business or HR advice on employment arrangements that’s needed from time to time.

So, 12 months on from the relaunch of the CircleSource Aussie Business Services marketplace, we’re very lucky to be able to reflect on the last year and celebrate what has been achieved during a very difficult time for so many businesses in Australia. In the last 12 months our achievements include::

✔️ Customers – Up more than 800% to over 4000 businesses and growing every day

✔️ Skills Library – Through customer suggestions, we now have over 800 skills listed with around 16,000 matches across our supplier base

✔️ Avg Job Value is $4,475 – The average value of Jobs awarded to skilled Australian experts over the last 12 months was $4475


Popular Skills

✔️ Digital (35% of jobs awarded), including Digital Strategy, Graphic Design, Website Design, Content Management, Videography/Photography, and digital strategy to name a few.

✔️ Media, Marketing & PR (29% of jobs awarded), including Brand Strategy, Social Media strategy, Copy/Content Writing, logo design, animation production and more…

✔️ Professional Services (20% of jobs awarded), including Legal, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales Strategy and Training & Development.

✔️ IT Infrastructure and Operations experts were also well-supported.


What makes this so special is two-fold really. Firstly, it’s an absolute reflection of what we set out to do, to support hardworking Aussie businesses and help them support each other and be successful.  Secondly, we’ve achieved this during the most difficult 18 months Australian businesses have experienced, hopefully helping some of them along the way.  In a world that’s turned traditional ways of working and doing business on its head, CircleSource is showing there is a new cost effective and efficient way businesses in Australia can access the expertise they need and do business together.

We’re only just getting started here at CircleSource so why not check us out and see how your business can benefit.  It’s easy to get started and find what you need:


Just sign up for full access.

✔️ Complete your profile and, if you’re a supplier, get your business on the Map.

✔️ Post a job for any service your business needs and let the CircleSource platform connect you with experts.

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