At CircleSource, we believe that access to a transparent marketplace, where buyers can find, review, follow and engage suppliers they might need should come at no cost.  Where suppliers of sought-after services could showcase their skills and experience, and be found by others, at no cost.  Where we succeed only if we help others succeed.

The CircleSource pricing philosophy is simple;

  • Dare to be different, don’t just ‘clip the ticket’ at every opportunity

  • Embrace the core principles of collaborative economies and open marketplaces

  • Don’t charge for joining, for creating Jobs, for viewing suppliers, for wanting choice!

  • Just help facilitate the success of others and share in that success


That’s why we don’t charge a cent to any User, unless they actually win a Job.  Essentially a “no Job, no fee” scenario.  But unlike the one lawyers use, we’re not choosing to take on cases based on how much we can make out of it.  And we didn’t like the high and ongoing commission structures you’ve probably seen out there either. 


Just a low, flat, capped fee when a supplier actually gets the Job. It really is that simple.....

For Buyers

CircleSource is completely free to join, create your personal and company profiles, search for, find and follow suppliers, create and post Activities and Jobs, and request offers from suppliers of your choosing from within the CircleSource network.

For Suppliers

CircleSource is free to join, create your detailed personal and company profiles, highlight your Areas of Expertise, showcase recent engagements, projects delivered or work assignments, receive Job offer invitations and make Job offers to Buyers.

How much would it normally cost to open another marketing channel, perform BDM etc?  That’s how much you could save by using CircleSource as another channel.


Only when a Job offer you make is accepted, a low, flat, capped commission relative to the value of the Job offer is charged.


Australian residents are subject to GST of 10%. Other government taxes may apply, depending on your region. All Job supply values and fees are inclusive of GST.

User Agreement

The fees and charges summarised on this page are governed by the terms of the CircleSource User Agreement, related site policies and Terms. The User Agreement includes other important terms and should be read in full.

CircleSource may review and amend fee and charges from time to time.

Any change to current fees and charges will be communicated to all Users and published on our website.

This Policy was last updated on 16 September 2020.

Job supply value

Up to AUD $16,667

Above AUD $16,667

Minimum fee



AUD $1,250 capped

AUD $7.50

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Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.