About CircleSource

What is CircleSource?

CircleSource is a cloud based business services marketplace that enables Buyers to source and engage specialist external business services providers.

The brand name and business philosophy are about “sourcing” people, skills and services for your business and grow your trusted network “circles”, people you have actually done business with and recommend.

Our goal is to create a place where Australian businesses can find and connect with the specialist business service providers they need and do business. Playing a role in helping Australian businesses stand out, create new business opportunities and Be Brilliant Together.

Can anyone join CircleSource?

Yes, anyone who is a Buyer or Supplier of business services, whether in their own business or part of an organisation can join. The more members, the bigger the marketplace with greater chances of finding quality Suppliers or being found by the Buyer market.

How is CircleSource different from other marketplaces?

At CircleSource, we want to be recognised as the most trusted collaborative marketplace for sourcing and engaging expert business services providers. CircleSource is much more than a marketplace or matching service, it’s a value add business application where members can manage their business service engagements in real time in one easy to use application. Organise and manage events, exchange briefs or proposals and hold discussions all from your desktop, tablet or smart phone, anywhere, anytime. Full transparency. Anyone can join and see detailed profiles of all CircleSource Supplier members and when Buyers are ready to engage, they're in charge at every stage, there’s no-one behind the scenes matching possible Suppliers or second guessing what they're looking for. And we don't charge any joining, licence, subscription or ongoing comissions. Just a flat, capped fee when a supplier actually wins a job.

What are the benefits of CircleSource?

CircleSource allows you to manage all of your business service engagements in one easy to use business application.

  • Access Supplier profiles that detail capability, extensive Areas of Expertise, recent supply engagements, endorsements, service locations and more. Find the best matches for the experts you need, when you need them.
  • CircleSource provides comprehensive search filters to ensure you can find the best Supplier matches.
  • Save up to 40% of the time taken to simply find service providers with the expertise you need.
  • Buyers can view the open and transparent marketplace at any time to research and follow Suppliers they may want to engage in the future.
  • Suppliers can showcase and promote their expertise to potential Buyers for No Cost. No marketing or advertising costs whatsoever. How much could you save? Facilitates the efficient exchange of briefs and proposals as well as discussions between Buyers and Suppliers.
  • CircleSource offers the lowest fee structure of any collaborative marketplace currently open. And, unlike others, fees are only charged on acceptance of offers and are capped at a MAXIMUM of $1,250, that’s the most a Supplier will ever pay.
  • Access on desktop, tablet or smart phone anytime, anywhere.

CircleSource Profiles

How much detail should go into a Buyer profile?

As a Bbuyer, your profile can be as little or as extensive as you would like it to be. However, Suppliers you invite to pitch for a job may like to know about you and your organisation, so including detail about you and a comprehensive company profile provides the Supplier with context and can help them shape proposals.

There are some required fields which must be completed before you can create job briefs and engage Suppliers. These include;

  • Basic personal information including contact details, locations etc.

  • Linking to a company and completing the basic company profile including address and ABN.

How much detail should go into a Supplier profile?

CircleSource provides a wonderful opportunity to market your specialist capabilities so the more extensive and complete your personal profile is, the more likely you are to be identified and matched to buyers wishing to engage your services.

In addition to the basic Buyer profile requirements, make sure you include;

  • A detailed personal summary

  • Your areas of expertise from the pick list (we suggest no more than 15-20)

  • Qualifications & Memberships

  • Industry specialisations

  • At least 3-5 Recent Supply Engagements to showcase what you have delivered for others.

The more work you successfully complete and get endorsed for through CircleSource, the more you trend in the marketplace and be found.

Why do I need to create or connect to a Company Profile?

CircleSource makes the important connection of individuals to the company they work for to appropriately reflect the brand reputation of the business while providing a level of transparency and governance to all supply engagements undertaken through that business.

In the case of a Sole Trader (Independent Expert) where you do not operate under a Business Name, you simply record your ABN if you have one, and your name as the sole trader (or independent expert) in the Company profile section.

If you are successful in securing an engagement in CircleSource as a sole trader or independent expert, you can discuss the manner in which your services are engaged directly with the buying organisation, either under your ABN if you have one or as a payrolled contractor.

Who can see my profile?

Buyer profiles are invisible until you engage the services of a Supplier. Once you accept a Supplier offer, you will become part of that Suppliers "inner circle" and they’ll be able to see your profile, including contact information.

NOTE: Your Buyer activities are always invisible to other users.

Supplier profiles (once complete) are available in the marketplace. However your personal email information, telephone numbers will be hidden until such time as you are engaged through CircleSource, when you then become part of the Buyers "inner circle" and contact details are visible.

How are Company Profiles managed?

The first person to create the Company Profile for your business is automatically made the “Company Administrator”. Each Company profile may have one or more company administrators appointed. Only Administrators have rights to:

  • edit the Company profile;
  • appoint additional Company Administrators; and
  • approve requests to be linked to the company.

This enables you to maintain the integrity and brand reputation of your company and ensure only people working as part of your business are actually linked and doing business on your behalf.

It is recommended that each Company appoints at least two administrators to avoid any single point sensitivity should one administrator be unavailable.

In the event a Company Administrator leaves the business for good, it is essential they be removed as a Company Administrator by the other Administrator and a replacement appointed.

Engaging Suppliers

How do I create a Job and find Suppliers?

All Jobs and Tasks are created and managed in the My Jobs dashboard. Our Quick Reference Guide can be found within the CircleSource application and provides a step by step guide to creating Jobs and Tasks, sourcing and inviting suppliers. Some key considerations

  • Creating your Job: Go to the "My Jobs" tab and click on "post a job". Give your Job a name and fill in the high level information on the first screen. When you get to the second screen, choose the expertise you are looking for and start writing your brief. Writing a comprehensive job brief is a critical step to ensure the suppliers you invite to pitch for the work understand your needs and respond accordingly.

  • Add Deliverables and Requirements: You can add as many specific deliverables and requirements as you like to ensure the Suppliers understand your needs. You can also attach a work brief document or include forms or other documents. You can also request Suppliers to attach relevant documents such as Certificates of Insurance etc. Include your contact details if you are happy for invited Suppliers to contact you if they need to clarify or discuss your requirements.

  • Confirm your Job / Task: Once you complete your brief, click "confirm" and you'll instantly see Suppliers that match the selected expertise. You can check out supplier profiles and "Invite" the ones you like to pitch.

You can edit your Task at any time, even after you invited Suppliers and published the Task. When you receive offers from Suppliers, you can request the Supplier to “Amend their Proposal”. This will enable a supplier to review and re-submit.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you spend time setting out your requirements in sufficient detail to enable Suppliers to accurately pitch for the job.

What's the difference between a Job and a Task?

A Job is essentially the high level specifications describing the engagement you are creating, setting timelines, budget, location etc.

Each Job must have at least one task attached to it that specifies the Area of Expertise required as well as more detail on the key deliverables, qualifications and requirements.

A Job can have one task or many tasks (Multi Task Job) attached to it and you can review, select and invite matching suppliers for each Task.

What is a Multi-Task Job?

A Job with more than one Task is what we call a multi-task Job. An example could be an offsite conference where you may require different suppliers for things like venue, catering, facilitators, key note speakers, activities, transport etc.

As your event or program of work evolves, you can continue to add Tasks as needed. For each Task you add, you get to review, select and invite matched suppliers.

Great for any program of work or even managing all your external engagements for the year under the one Multi-Task Job.

Why do I need to "Publish" the Task?

Once you have reviewed Supplier profiles and invited any you specifically choose, you then need to publish the Task. NOTE: when you click "Invite" on a supplier tile, they are instantly invited to pitch.

Buyers then have the flexibility to:

  1. publish only to the suppliers they want to hear from, that closely match your requirements, or

  2. publish to broader market groups, even the whole marketplace, where any supplier can view and decide whether they'd like to pitch, or

  3. a combination of both options. Invite selected suppliers and also publish to the open market to see who else might be out there.

Whatever works for you, the flexibility to control how your Tasks are published is all yours.

CircleSource Costs

What does CircleSource cost?

CircleSource is FREE for both buyers and suppliers of these business services to sign in, create profiles, view the marketplace and utilise all of the CircleSource buying features and functions.

The CircleSource pricing philosophy is simple;
  • Dare to be different, don’t just ‘clip the ticket’ at every opportunity
  • Embrace the core principles of collaborative economies and open marketplaces
  • Don’t charge for joining, for creating Jobs, for viewing suppliers, for wanting choice!
  • Just help facilitate the success of others and share in that success
That’s why we don’t charge a cent to any User, unless they actually win a Job. Essentially a “no Job, no fee” scenario.

A small commission of 7.5% (based on the value of the service) is only be incurred by the supplier when their offer is accepted.

Most importantly, fees are capped at a MAXIMUM of $1,250. These fees are the lowest of any collaborative marketplace currently open.

How much would it normally cost to open another marketing channel, perform BDM etc? That’s how much you could save by using CircleSource as another channel.

Refer to our Fees & Charges for more information.

General Information

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is where all suppliers registered in CircleSource can be found as well as Opportunities made available to suppliers in an ‘open market’.

Filter on Areas of Expertise or Locations and perform keyword searches that scour all profile areas for a match, e.g. industry specialisations, even profile summaries and work examples.

If you find suppliers of interest, or one's you've worked with before, follow them or mark them as approved for future reference.

CircleSource has been designed for Buyers of services to have control over which suppliers they review and invite to pitch for the Job. However, some organisations may decide to pitch their Job to the Open market as well.

In the OPPORTUNITIES tab, suppliers will ONLY see tasks that have been published to the Open Market. Publishing to the open market is the EXCEPTION rather than the rule.

How do you manage my privacy?

CircleSource takes your privacy seriously and strives to meet all privacy requirements. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What are the Inner and Outer Circles?

Your Inner Circle is represented by people you have directly done business with in CircleSource.

Your Outer Circle is made up of people your Inner Circle connections have done business with.

It's all about growing and extending your trusted network circles.

How do I grow my Supplier ranking?

CircleSource has five status rankings from “New to CircleSource” through to “Highly Recommended”.

Our ranking algorithm considers the number of supply engagements completed through CircleSource, together with the number of endorsements and comments provided by buyers. So it's not just about quantity.

The combination of completed tasks, endorsements and comments are translated into your CircleSource ranking, determining where you appear in searches for areas of expertise and how you trend in the marketplace.

But don't forget, when buyers are searching the marketplace or reviewing which suppliers to invite, it's not just about ranking so having a complete and detailed profile is always the best place to start.

A complete digital solution that saves you time and money.
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