CircleSource the expertise your business needs to outsource

CircleSource the expertise your business needs to outsource

Small businesses don’t (and shouldn’t) carry all the expertise they need inside their business. It’s not sustainable to carry that sort of cost, particularly for expertise that does not need to be utilised on a full-time basis.

In a recent global survey, Clutch reported that 89% of small businesses either do or will outsource at least 1 core business service. The most common are IT related services, accounting support, HR expertise and Digital Marketing support. This is exactly what we experience in CircleSource every day, that businesses need to (often quickly) find and connect with external experts.

We love stories that back up perfectly why we created the platform.  Like this one: 

Recently, a medical practice in suburban Melbourne joined CircleSource and immediately posted a job seeking the services of a HR Consultant to help them with their employment policies and an employee relations matter. Within hours they’d received responses from several Suppliers and were able to engage a highly qualified independent HR Consultant to do the work they needed when they needed it done. 

A great outcome for this business, they now have an ongoing professional relationship with the expert.  Great also for the independent HR Consultant who now has a new client and has grown their business. That’s what CircleSource does!