Does your business profile rock?

Does your business profile rock?

We’ve been told to create a compelling CV or Resume since we began our professional careers. There are even experts who train you to write your CV, or even write it for you. But what if you start your own business, or work in a specialist consulting business? Does that mean your profile needs to look different to a CV? Well the short answer is yes!

A great Business Profile helps people and organisations quickly determine if your areas of expertise and capabilities match what they are looking for. I mean, if you are a consultant/specialist provider would you hand a client your CV? Of course not, you give them a profile or summary of your business that outlines the services or expertise you offer.

Organisations seeking your expertise are interested in the capabilities and specialisations you bring to their problem. They want to know about the Company you work for, the range of services provided and the capabilities behind them. But even more important, businesses looking to engage your services will want to know where you’ve successfully used your expertise and what you’ve delivered for clients. Most organisations engaging consultants ask for at least two reference clients to validate the quality of the services you’ve delivered.

Unfortunately, many business service providers are reluctant to flag their success with clients mainly because they fear competitors will try and poach their client! Recruitment firms are a classic example. They try to keep this information from the market, totally underestimating how connected the market is. Our networks are so interconnected nowadays it’s very easy to find information, least of all which recruitment firm is working with which company.

Frankly, delivering outstanding services for your clients, sharing those successes, and heaven forbid, having clients recommend and endorse you publicly…is not just the best way to keep your clients, it’s the best form of marketing you could wish for to create new business channels and grow your business.

So, my advice is if you going to spend time creating any form of Profile, be it Business or even a CV, spend some time on it and make it work for you.

At CircleSource, we want to help you and your businesses stand out and be easily found by organisations needing your expertise and services. Our Supplier Business Profiles have been designed to capture information that buyers of services tell us they want to see before engaging an expert. Once complete, your Business Services profile and Company profile is fully transparent in the CircleSource Marketplace…you can even use it as your electronic business card, sending the link as part of your targeted Business Development activity.

While it’s up to you how much time you wish to put in, here’s what’s important in creating a CircleSource Supplier Profile that Rocks:

A good Profile Picture

People connect with a good profile picture. They like to see who they’re dealing with.

Business and Service Locations

People want to know where you are located as well as where you do business.

Personal Summary

Compelling personal summaries outlining your capabilities and experience connect people and draw them in to read what you offer. So, make your personal summary interesting, talk about achievements and highlight areas that differentiate your capabilities from your competitors.

Company Link

Individual specialists must be connected to a Company in CircleSource which also has its own profile. Like your personal profile, make your company profile interesting and relevant, reflecting the capability the business provides. Link others working in your business to the Company profile so everyone can see the full range of capabilities your business offers.

Areas of expertise

Pick your key areas of expertise, NOT 20+ as buyers may not believe this and it can dilute your real strengths. Choose the 6 or so that truly define you in the market.

Associations and Professional Memberships

List qualifications, industry association and memberships that underpin your expertise.

Recent Supply Engagements

So important! List relevant and recent service engagements where you have delivered services represented by the areas of expertise you listed. Where appropriate, list the company and person you worked with. The more you add here, the easier it is for buyers to get the full picture of you.

Why not sign into CircleSource, create your business services profile and be found by businesses seeking your expertise.