Do twice as much in half the time!

Do twice as much in half the time!

Really? Well this recently published article on the challenges of running a small business is well worth the read. Like many of you, CircleSource is a small business looking to help other businesses achieve their goals.

Sometimes we need to take stock of our challenges, priorities, processes and balance, and while there may not be any ground breaking revelations in this article, it is often refreshing to stop for a moment to re-assess where your business is, where you are and make sure your priorities, goals, hours and output are aligned. This article can certainly help with that.

We all here stories about people working themselves to an early grave, the scary thing is it does happen and there’s research to back it up. But don’t dwell on that negative, this article actually provides some logical and handy tips to be at your best and improve your business leadership.

Check out the full article here and let us know what you think.

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