We can create a platform, but we can’t control how people use it

We can create a platform, but we can’t control how people use it

Guidelines when using CircleSource 

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When you create an Online platform like CircleSource, you can spend countless time developing features and functionality that make processes more efficient in order to help businesses save time and money. But once it’s created, one of the areas you only have so much influence over is how people engage through the platform.

Don’t get me wrong, at CircleSource we have taken a lot of time to build features and functionality that enhance the user experience and interface, we will continue to do so as the platform grows and evolves. But what we can’t control, despite our best intentions, is the experience people have using the platform and interacting with others.

In creating CircleSource, we wanted buyers and suppliers to interact directly. We wanted them to feel as though they were in control each step of the way. And to a great extent, they are.

But there are some basic guidelines and practices we want to encourage everyone using CircleSource to adopt.  We want members to respect the platform that we offer and just do the right thing, by us and by other members on the platform.

They aren’t onerous, they’re just basic courtesy. Stuff like:

  1. Treat people how you would expect to be treated. In other words, if you take the time to pitch for a job on CircleSource, you would expect the buyer to tell you whether you’ve been successful or not, right? Well, if you post a job on CircleSource, make sure you return the favour!
  2. Respond to any Chat or message sent to you. If you post a job, people can open a chat to clarify the job you have created. It’s courteous to respond, it can be short and sweet, your call, any response is better than crickets, right?
  3. Make sure Offers for jobs are made or received through the Make Offer channel. Here’s the thing, at CircleSource we give you access to use the platform, promote your expertise, find experts, post jobs, pitch for jobs etc. All for Free. The only time a fee is payable is when a Supplier is awarded a job! So, all we ask is that you respect the platform and other members by not trying to find ways to do business outside the platform.  We all want to benefit by building a business community that works so please be respectful and stay in the Circle
  4. Complete each job you post. Make sure you take the time to mark your Jobs complete and leave feedback for the other party. That way, all members can benefit from seeing not only real examples of work completed but what was said and how the Job went.

In the end, people generate respect when they openly communicate and are honest with each other.  The more people that do the right thing, we’ll build trust and achieve our goal of helping Aussie businesses connect, do business together and grow.

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