CircleSource – Simple software that helps SME’s access, manage and govern all their external business

CircleSource – Simple software that helps SME’s access, manage and govern all their external business

If you’re a small to medium size business owner, have you ever thought about the number of external specialist service providers you need to engage to help you run your business?

According to the ABS, there are more than 2m businesses in Australia, of which 95% have revenue of less than $2m per annum…and 65% have under $200K revenue per annum! No matter what size business you run, you will need the assistance of external specialist service providers and experts at some point. That’s reality. You just can’t, and shouldn’t, expect to carry the cost for all the expertise your business needs. This applies equally to big businesses too by the way!

Think about it. Most businesses need;

  • a premises or facility that requires repairs and maintenance at some point.

  • some degree of technology…computers, websites, software, maybe an app and communication systems to maintain, develop or fix.

  • Marketing, social media and advertising strategies to promote brands and products;

  • Access to specialist business professionals including solicitors, accountants, coaches, trainers, recruiters, payroll or HR support, and many other specialists from time to time.

So how do you manage this? Where do you find these experts in the first place? How do you source proposals and quotes, and then engage them? How long does all that usually take?

As small to medium business owners, we spend enormous amounts of time and effort searching for the specialist service providers we need; most of the time without the help of technology because we can’t afford it. For most, there is also little to no governance. All this is costly and can be bad for our business.

That’s where CircleSource can help!

CircleSource provides small and medium businesses access to a simple, all in one online sourcing solution at no cost to help you find, engage and manage all your external business service providers. Your personal dashboard enables you to track every stage of the sourcing and engagement process.

Set your requirements, invite the suppliers you want to pitch when you need them, exchange documents, have discussions and keep a record of all your sourcing engagements.

So why not take advantage of the efficiency and governance CircleSource’s all in one business services sourcing platform offers. There’s no cost to access CircleSource’s smart digital technology that usually comes at a cost that only big businesses can afford!