Why CircleSource only services Australian businesses?

Why CircleSource only services Australian businesses?

We’re passionate about creating a platform for Australian businesses across the country, so they can connect and do great business together.

Have you ever noticed that most start-ups and other businesses for that matter all want to be global?  It’s a great aspiration, no doubt about it. And don’t get me wrong, we’ve thought about it too.  But at CircleSource we’ve chosen a very different path.

Here’s the thing. In Australia, Small Businesses with less than 20 employees represent a whopping 97% of Australian businesses. They are the engine room of our economy contributing A$418b to GDP or 32% of our economy in 2018-19. That’s pretty impressive on a number of measures. Importantly though, most small businesses outsource at least one service to help them run their business. Most can’t afford to or their operation simply doesn’t warrant employing these core capabilities within their business. Things like finance and accounting specialists, IT-related capability, HR support, Digital marketing expertise…and so much more.

Digital technology today means we can access services and capabilities from all parts of the world.  So we thought, given how tough businesses in Australia have been doing it over the last couple of years, let’s focus on creating a platform where Australian businesses can connect and do business together. We have enough competition in Australia with global platforms making it far too easy to send business offshore and away from our local Aussie businesses. It’s essential we have somewhere that Aussie businesses can be showcased, promoted and available to be found and engaged by local organisations needing their expertise.

Competition is fierce between global independent experts, freelancers and specialist business service providers. And we know local Aussie service providers can find it hard to make a living from work offered on platforms serviced by overseas suppliers because buyers consistently choose lower-priced options.  But we know it’s not all about cost, so we’ve chosen to back Australian experts and make them stand out from the crowd.

If you’re an organisation that outsources key services and expertise to help run your business, I guess the question is how important is supporting local Australian business to you?

Don’t Outsource, CircleSource!