CircleSource helps Brainbox Marketing Director, Michelle Le Cornu, win business in the gig economy

CircleSource helps Brainbox Marketing Director, Michelle Le Cornu, win business in the gig economy

CircleSource recently spoke to one of our members, Michelle Le Cornu of Brainbox Marketing and here’s what she had to say……..

Tell me a bit about you and your business?

I kind of fell into the gig economy when I started my own business, Brainbox Marketing, in 2015. An old boss (an accountant and business advisor) called me and said he had a client who was looking for someone to do their marketing. I was finishing up a contract role so the timing was perfect. I thought about how I’d always wanted to run my own business but never had the courage to make the leap because I was too scared to leave paid employment. Being referred that first client really launched my business.

Brainbox Marketing uses clever marketing to deliver great results through both traditional and digital marketing.

How did you join the gig economy?

Before I started Brainbox Marketing, I spent 15 years working hard, studying and climbing the corporate ladder in consulting/agency work as well as in-house marketing roles.

I had twin boys at the end of 2011 and that changed everything. I quickly realised working the same hours like I had before children (8am – 6pm plus some weekends) wasn’t sustainable with a family.

I tried a part-time contract role for nine months but it was at a lower-level than my old job. I felt I was selling myself short accepting entry-level work just so I could gain flexibility, and it wasn’t going to be fulfilling in the long-term. So, I set myself a challenge: to find interesting work, continue to expand my professional network and have the flexibility to juggle work and family responsibilities. Working in the gig economy has provided that for me.

How did you hear about CircleSource?

I heard about CircleSource through a post on LinkedIn from a former colleague. It sounded like a perfect fit for my business because I needed a time-efficient and cost-effective way to raise my profile and generate new business opportunities.

What has CircleSource meant for your business?

CircleSource has given me exposure to a new marketplace. It is a digital shopfront where I can hang my ‘open for business’ shingle to people who don’t know me.

As a small business owner, I don’t have a big advertising budget or a lot of time to attend networking events. CircleSource has raised my profile among buyers seeking professional services and I have generated two new clients, which is fantastic. As I tell my clients, the best type of marketing is the marketing that works! And I can definitely say CircleSource works for me and my business.

How do you rate CircleSource as a platform?

CircleSource is intuitive. If you can navigate a website, you can use CircleSource. I’ve found it a good way to submit proposals to buyers and create a digital record of the contract. It’s also a fair system because it allows both buyers and sellers to rate each other. I rate it highly.

Would you recommend CircleSource to others?

Absolutely. If you’re working in the gig economy and want to raise your profile to generate new business opportunities then give CircleSource a try.

Are you a professional looking to promote your business? Visit CircleSource and create a profile today. Your next gig is just a click away.

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