Can You Help Me with My Research on Vetting?

Can You Help Me with My Research on Vetting?

Coming from a long corporate HR background, I’m fascinated when I hear about directories and marketplaces that claim to have fully vetted every specialist service provider, consultant or expert listed on their site. What does that really mean? Credit checks? References? Or is it just a tactic to gain trust?

Oh, and don’t get me started on the star ratings you see on so many sites, to indicate how good the experts and specialist service providers are!

I’m aware of one example where a business was fined for deceiving the public with their star rating system. Turns out some 80% of the star ratings on their site were from the suppliers rating themselves! Real classy! It just further reinforces the lack of trust people have in these types of ratings systems. In a lot of cases you can’t know who rated who, and quite frankly, stars tell you absolutely nothing about the ability of a service provider. It’s all subjective. 

Back on the subject of vetting…

I’m intrigued to know what vetting is and more importantly, when businesses are considering providers, what does vetting mean to them? Most would do their own due diligence anyway.

In the recruitment industry, reference checks are common and usually based on a set of questions or criteria relevant to the role, and agreed on between the employer and the recruiter. 

Personally, when I was involved with hiring or engaging specialist service providers, I always did my own reference checking. Ultimately, I was responsible for the decision.

So I’m really intrigued to hear from organisations out there who expect ‘fully vetted’ specialist providers. What exactly does that look like? For example:

  • Are you seeking to confirm insurances, licences or qualifications?
  • Do you want the basic security checks done? 
  • Are you seeking to verify the expertise and performance of the supplier with businesses they have provided services for in the past?
  • Is it a combination of all of these?
  • Or are you simply seeking an easier way to reach out to others who have used a specialist’s services in the past and do your own checking?

And if you are a service provider who’s been ‘vetted’ on your suitability or capability for an engagement, I’d love to hear how you felt about that?

At CircleSource we’re a bit different. We want to provide an open and transparent place where great suppliers can showcase and promote their expertise. Where businesses needing their services can safely search and find suppliers and review information relating to their capability before they move to the next step. Our experience tells us most businesses looking to engage specialist services want to know:

  • The background and experience of the person they will be engaging.
  • Key skills and industry specialisations.
  • Recent engagements showing who they have worked with.
  • Examples of the work they’ve delivered.
  • Relevant licences, qualifications and memberships.

Then, it’s up to the buyer to make an informed decision based on the information provided by the supplier, and not some mysterious ‘vetting’ process that goes on behind the scenes. With confidence, you can easily move to the next step and invite one or more specialists to pitch for a job based on the brief you create. You’re in complete control.

Check out see what we offer. It’s free, open and transparent. Why not sign up and start your search for that expert you’ve been needing? Or, if you’re a supplier, create a profile to showcase and promote your expertise and be found by that next business.