About us

We are much more than a marketplace. CircleSource is a
truly transparent, simple to use Australian owned business solution for easily
finding and engaging local experts.

Our Story

CircleSource aims to strengthen local communities by facilitating great business relationships.

Our local communities are an untapped source of talent and resources. And drawing on this talent is a great way to connect and give back to the community. It’s just a matter of finding it. 

CircleSource is an Australian owned and founded business that helps local businesses find and connect with a network of the best local people for service and project-based work. Whether you need an HR consultant, a web-developer or an IT expert, CircleSource will help you find the right person for the job, easily and efficiently. Our easy-to-use platform gives businesses access to a list of qualified local suppliers, and generates leads for suppliers looking for work.


To be the most trusted and respected business services connection and engagement platform in Australia. 


Trust – You’re in total control of your business every step of the way. Transparency – there’s no one in the middle or your transactions, no hidden costs or up-front fees. Simplicity – sourcing made simple and relevant while enabling good governance.


Small Business is the heart of Australia’s business economy. We want to strengthen the connection between business and their local communities, enhancing local trading ecosystems and helping them thrive.

Meet Our Leaders & Founders

CircleSource founders Andrew Jarvis, Mark Townley and Andrew Jackson know that organisations rarely have all the expertise they need in their own team. With over 25 years’ experience in small, medium and enterprise businesses across a range of industries, they wanted to use their knowledge to help business and communities thrive.

The team founded CircleSource in in 2016. They were aware of other platforms in the market spruiking their offerings and claiming the benefits they offered businesses and local communities. However the CircleSource Founders were determined to create a different experience through offering a platform to help facilitate real business connections both at the local community level while helping bridge the gap between corporate businesses and SME’s.

With trust and transparency at its core, they are in for the long haul to provide a solution that really does help put small businesses on the map and grow.

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Andrew Jarvis


My career has spanned many different industry sectors, both public and private, working with senior executives and great emerging talent. In the roles I played across these large corporates, I came to appreciate and value just how much businesses of ALL sizes required access to external specialist service providers and experts to help their business at some stage.
Across Australia, there’s a growing number of exceptional, highly talented experts and specialist service providers with their own businesses, mainly SME’s and sole traders, many based within our local and regional communities. They “punch well above their weight”, providing expertise and specialist services into larger corporates and playing a key role in driving our economy. I thought more could be being done to help better connect these relationships and help them succeed and grow.
So, I left my corporate role to create and Co Found CircleSource. We’re passionate about making a difference in how businesses, large and small, find and connect with the expertise and specialist service providers they need, do business together and succeed.

A start doing mail and odd jobs in a corporate office led to a successful career in HR over the next 28 years ending as Head of Reward and Property at Superpartners. Fast forward to starting up CircleSource, a big shift from the contemporary corporate world.  At times it’s felt unnatural but when you believe in what you’ve built, how it can help people in their working lives AND help businesses connect, save money and do business; well, why wouldn’t you?

We live in a world now where digital connectivity and e-commerce is part of everyday life and comes naturally to us in so many forums. Using technology to source business services is a natural extension and with CircleSource, we aim to dramatically change the way businesses go about finding and engaging the experts they need.


Andrew Jackson