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As founders of CircleSource, we’ve each worked in small, medium and large organisations across many industry sectors for over 25 years. We know all too well that organisations rarely carry all of the expertise and capability they need. Whether it’s HR, ICT, Finance, Risk, Marketing or Sales capabilities, or even Facilities Management services, at some stage most organisations need to augment their teams with external specialists for short term assignments, projects or to provide business services.   

When it comes to finding and engaging specialist service providers businesses need, the stories we hear mirror our experience. Most don’t respond to direct marketing or cold calls from providers. Many resort to close networks for referrals or search the internet (with little success) when they have a need. Others simply turn to consultants known and used previously, even when they don’t have the specific expertise required, because it’s easy. Sound familiar?


And spare a thought for the specialist service provider. Few get the chance to showcase their business expertise to you. More and more extraordinarily talented people are opting out of traditional employment in favour of creating more choice and flexibility over when and who they work for. So how will your organisation access these talented experts, when you need them?

Our Solution

CircleSource provides a truly transparent place where consultants and specialist service providers can showcase their expertise. Enabling organisations to easily find and access talented experts when they need them AND manage the end-to-end engagement process. Growing trusted business networks through real business connections.

CircleSource is much more than a marketplace. It’s a simple business solution with extensive features and functionality helping you do what you do today, just through a smart digital application.

Watch our video on why we created CircleSource to help you easily find the people you need.

Meet the founders

The CircleSource Founders and Leadership Team bring many year of senior executive leadership, business management, consulting and advisory experience across multiple industries and business functions.

Andrew Jarvis

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Townley

Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Jackson

Chief Technology & Operations officer

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Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.