2018 Wrap – Seasons Greetings!

2018 Wrap – Seasons Greetings!

It’s that time of the year again where we reach out to show our appreciation and thanks to all of you who took the step to join CircleSource and support our journey. I’m sure many of you are wondering what’s happening with CircleSource? I mean, we haven’t shot the lights out of the Australian market just yet have we? Well, let me bring you up to date with what’s been happening and where CircleSource is heading. Two years ago, we launched a beta product with the full CircleSource product going into the market in March 2017. We had a big hairy audacious idea then, and we still have NOW! Create a place where more than 2 million Australian businesses could find, connect and source the business service providers they need and do business together.

  • Every business we speak to needs to engage external service providers, no matter how big or small their business is. Many don’t even know where to start!

Showcase and promote the skills of fantastic service providers and independent experts – recognising the great outcomes they achieve. AND be easily found!

  • No matter how much you spend on websites, lead generation or marketing, it’s hard for most businesses to find you. Referrals are great but not enough for most providers.

Help all Businesses find providers like they do today, just more efficiently and at less cost.

  • One place, to find or be found and manage your engagements from start to finish. No more spreadsheets, incomplete contact lists or messy email trails.

Enable Businesses to “Be Brilliant Together”.

  • Building successful and ongoing business partnerships and expanding your business networks.

So how’s CircleSource going?

STEADILY, and we’re in for the long haul! We’re a start-up business and it’s a fact that businesses that shoot the stars out in the first two years are few and far between. The overnight successes you read about are 5+ years in the making. This is a long game, not a short game and there’s a saying I love “Go Slow to Go Fast”. It’s just so true for us. Let’s face it, the future of work is changing. The need to access talented independent experts and specialist services is increasing. And while the way businesses have managed this in the past has served them well, change is coming so ignore it at your peril! The great news is CircleSource is ready to support the Australian market as we transition to the future.

So what does success look like for CircleSource?

Our vision is simple. CircleSource will be the place businesses go to find, connect and manage their business service engagements from start to finish. On behalf of the team here at CircleSource, we thank you for getting on board. We’d love you to tell your networks about us. And we’d love you to give CircleSource a go for your next business service engagement. In early 2019, we hope to be announcing a number of strategic collaborations that will accelerate CircleSource and really put us on the map. Stay Tuned. From all of us here at CircleSource, wishing you all a safe and happy festive season and a successful 2019. And please don’t text and drive.