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We help Australian communities thrive by connecting businesses looking for services (Buyers) with quality local service providers looking for work (Suppliers).


Post a Job. No Fee

Buyers post a job and invite suppliers to pitch or post the job in the open marketplace. 


Suppliers Pitch

Suppliers complete an offer and pitch for the job via CircleSource.


Review & Accept

Buyers review proposals from multiple suppliers and accept a successful bid.


Secure. Easy Payment.

The Successful Supplier who wins the job is charged a commission on acceptance of the proposal (via secure stripe portal).


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Looking to expand your client base? The easiest and most effective way to find new leads for your business, is via CircleSource. Real Australian businesses are waiting for you! Sign up, create your profile and start connecting.

Services Offered

When you need to find a service outside of your business, come to CircleSource to find the right service provider for you. 

Marketing Services

Find the best expert Marketers, Web Designers, developers, Social Media Experts in Australia at CircleSource.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

When you're running a small business, you often need a bookkeeper and accountant to help you keep the cashflow, data entry, and finances under control.

Human Resources

Small to medium enterprises often rely on HR contractors to provide advice and compliance needed when managing staff.

Mentoring & Coaching

Business mentors and coaching provide SME business owners the advice and headspace needed in making informed decisions.

UX, Technology & Design

Skilled designers and developers, experienced with Australian markets and clients, provide streamlined services ideal for Australian SMEs.

Management Consultants

As SMEs begin to scale in size, a professional management consultant gives the advice necessary to manage that change.

And many more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions check our knowledge base! 

Who should Join?

Business owners, sole traders, in fact any business large or small that wants to simplify how they find and engage those external experts every business needs from time to time.  Find local Aussies experts today on CircleSource!

What access do I get when I sign up?

We pride ourselves on being fully open and transparent, that’s why all members get full access to the CircleSource platform as soon as they sign up.  So sign up today, post your first Job or start building that killer Supplier profile!

What are your fees?

For any buying activity, the CircleSource platform is completely free.

For Suppliers, CircleSource works on the basis that a fee is only charged if a Supplier successfully gets work through the platform.  That’s right, NO JOB – NO FEE.  When a Supplier does successfully pitch for a Job, we only charge a 7.5% fee based on the value of the accepted offer, e.g. $1000 Job = $75 fee.  We’re big on transparency so anytime a Supplier makes an offer they will see exactly what the potential fee is.  Check out our Pricing Page for more info.


When will I be charged any fee?

For smaller Jobs where the fee is less than $550, the successful Supplier is charged at the time the Buyer accepts their offer.  Where the fee may be greater than $550, Suppliers have the option to split the payment 50% when their offer is accepted, 50% in 30 days.  For more info, check out our Pricing Page.

How do I post a job? How do I find and engage an expert?

Posting a job is simple in CircleSource using our job builder that prompts buyers through every step of creating a quality job brief to post to the market.  Check out our “How to create a Job” video in our knowledge base for more.  When you’re ready to publish your Job, you can review matched suppliers and build your own shortlist, post to the open market, or both.  You’re in complete control with CircleSource.  Check out our “24 Top project brief tips” article for guidance on writing a winning brief.

What payment information is required?

We don’t require any payment information from our members unless they are intending to pitch for available Jobs.  You won’t be asked for this until you’re ready to make an offer on a Job, when you’ll be prompted to provide credit card details.  NOTE: CircleSource uses Stripe as our third party payments provider, who have the highest level of compliance with statutory payments requirements.  No credit card information is collected or stored by CircleSource.

How do I apply for a project?

"Before you pitch for a Job, make sure you understand what the buyer is looking for and expects to be delivered. If something's not clear or you just want a bit more info, use our handy chat function to contact the buyer. Type your pitch directly in or attach a written proposal, the choice is yours.
Tip: Respond to the key Job requirements in as much detail as possible."

How long will it take to set up my profile?

Our profile builder function makes it simple and quick to set up a complete profile in CircleSource.  We find that people can get to 100% profile completion in a matter of minutes. For buyers, all you need is some basic personal and company information and you’re ready to browse the supplier market and post your first job.  Suppliers need to provide more information including skills, qualifications, associations, personal and business summaries and can even load examples of recent work to provide buyers with a rich view of their experience.  For more on creating your profile in CircleSource, check out the videos in our knowledgebase: “Creating a Buyer profile” and “Creating a Supplier profile”.

What sort of experts will I find?

With 850 skills in our library matched against 1000’s of Suppliers, you’ll find just about any sort of business services expert you can think.  From Marketing and Graphic Design to HR Consultants, ICT Developers and Digital experts, Virtual Assistants, Bookkeepers, Business Advisory and Accounting, CircleSource has what you’re looking for.  Post your Job now.

Will I get bombarded with offers from offshore Suppliers?

NO. Unlike other platforms, only members with a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) can transact on CircleSource.  We want make sure as much work as possible goes to local Aussie experts.

How long does it take before I receive offers?

Depending on the quality and clarity of your Job brief, you can receive offers within minutes of publishing your Job.  For larger, more complex jobs, Suppliers may like to use our live chat feature to clarify aspects of the Job with you before making a formal offer.  We’ve seen some Jobs literally published and awarded with 5 minutes!

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